7 Signs Your Solar Plexus Chakra Energy Is Blocked

Sunday, October 01, 2023

Have you ever had those moments when you feel like you're on top of the world? Like there's an intense burst of passion and strength coursing through you? That's the Solar Plexus Chakra in full swing.

The Solar Plexus Chakra, also called the Manipura Chakra, sits as the third element in the 7 chakra system. It's in charge of our ability to exude confidence, make assertive decisions, and draw on our inner wisdom. This chakra is the key to unlocking our personal strength and nurturing a robust self-identity.

But when this chakra loses its balance, we might grapple with feelings of insecurity, self-questioning, and a lack of life direction. The bright side? Sound therapy offers a simple way to restore equilibrium to this chakra, requiring minimal effort and allowing us to reconnect with our inner strength. In fact, it’s so easy that anyone can do it! This may surprise you, but it doesn’t require long hours of focused meditation (you’ll see for yourself what I mean below)

Here Are 7 Signs To Tell Whether Your Solar Plexus Chakra Energy Is Blocked:

1) You have low self-esteem.

Do you often doubt your abilities or feel unworthy of success? A blocked solar plexus chakra can lead to low self-esteem, causing you to underestimate your talents and potential. Balancing this chakra can help boost your self-worth and confidence.

2) You’re indecisive.

If you find yourself unable to make decisions or constantly second-guess yourself, your solar plexus chakra might be blocked. An open and balanced chakra will help you make choices with clarity and confidence.

3) You find it difficult to stay motivated.

Feeling lethargic or uninspired can be a sign of a blocked solar plexus chakra. When this energy center is in harmony, you'll experience a renewed sense of motivation and enthusiasm for pursuing your goals.

4) You experience digestive issues.

Physical symptoms like digestive problems, bloating, or stomach discomfort can manifest when your solar plexus chakra is out of balance. This chakra is closely linked to your digestive system, and an imbalance can disrupt its functioning.

5) You fear being rejected.

A blocked solar plexus chakra can make you overly sensitive to criticism and rejection. You may avoid taking risks or expressing yourself fully to avoid potential judgment from others.

6) You try to control others.

Are you a control freak, always needing to be in charge of everything? This can be a sign of an overactive solar plexus chakra. Balancing it will help you let go of the need for excessive control and trust in the flow of life.

7) You experience chronic stress.

Chronic stress and anxiety can be a result of a blocked solar plexus chakra. When this chakra is balanced, you'll feel more relaxed, centered, and better equipped to handle life's challenges.

The Easiest Way To Heal Your Solar Plexus Chakra

The most accessible and effective method to restore balance to your solar plexus chakra is through the remarkable power of sound therapy. Sound therapy utilizes calming, harmonious sounds and vibrations to gently clear energy blockages in this vital chakra. By immersing yourself in these healing sounds, you can alleviate self-doubt, boost self-confidence, and regain control over your life effortlessly. Experience the simplicity of chakra healing through sound therapy and embark on a transformative journey towards renewed self-assurance and inner strength.

528 Hz is the frequency associated with the Solar Plexus chakra. When listening to this soundtrack, there is no need to sit down and meditate for a full 60-minutes. Simply hit the ‘Play’ button and let the solfeggio frequency restore balance to this energy center!

As you listen to this music, take a deep breath and allow yourself to relax and let go of any tension or stress you may be holding onto. Visualize a bright, yellow light at your upper abdomen (a couple of inches above your navel), giving you the courage to overcome self-limiting beliefs.

Still Unsure If Your Solar Plexus Chakra Is Balanced Or Blocked? Take Our FREE Chakra Analysis.

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(Note: You are only allowed to take the reading once, so answer truthfully)

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Chakra-Blockage-Test-300x600-2 gif
Chakra-Blockage-Test-300x600-2 gif
Chakra-Blockage-Test-300x600-2 gif
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