Chakras & Crystals: The Ultimate Guide

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Our bodies have seven primary energy centers that serve as a conduit for the flow of emotional, spiritual, and physical energy. Known as chakras, these points are located throughout our body from the root to the crown. It is essential to keep all seven chakras open and unobstructed to maintain balance, remain receptive to opportunities, and realize our full potential in life.

For centuries, healing crystals have been utilized to purify and unblock chakras, facilitating the free flow of energy. Over time, we have amassed extensive knowledge on the most effective crystals for each chakra, allowing us to harmonize these energy centers. In the following sections, we will discuss each of the seven chakras and recommend crystals that can help release stagnant energy and promote healing.

The root chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the sacral chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra. These are the seven energy points in the body that make up the chakras. Click on the links below to understand more about each chakra!

The term chakra comes from the ancient Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’. Perhaps a simple way of looking at chakras is to consider them similar to satellites - they pick up signals from the universe and transmute those messages to our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

As we are forever absorbing information, energies, and messages, some of our chakras can become blocked over time. When our chakras are blocked this can interrupt the flow of energy and can lead to an imbalance in our system which can have a negative effect on our spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Crystals possess a distinct vibrational energy that can effectively eliminate blockages and realign our body's systems. By working within us, they can stimulate a clear and complete flush. Besides clearing blockages, crystals aid in living with purpose and reconnecting with our physical, mental, and spiritual selves, creating a space for overall well-being and appreciation of the universe's wonders.

Here are some examples of crystals that can be used for each chakra:

Root Chakra: Ruby / Tiger Eye / Blood stone

Sacral Chakra: Carnelian / Citrine

Solar Plexus Chakra: Yellow Calcite / Yellow Citrine

Heart Chakra: Jade / Aventurine

Throat Chakra: Sodalite / Lapis Lazuli

Third Eye Chakra: Sapphire/ Purple Apatite

Crown Chakra: Diamond / Clear Quartz / White Jade

When working with crystals and chakras, it's important to charge and cleanse your crystals before each use to ensure that they're working at their optimal level.

How to charge the crystal

Well, this depends on the state of your chakras! If your chakra is blocked, place the crystal under the sunlight for an hour. If your chakra is too open, place it under the moonlight for an hour. To find out the state of your chakras, take this FREE Chakra Analysis here.

What do I do after I’ve charged my crystal?

That’s when the magic begins! Once your crystal is charged, there are three ways to use it to heal your chakra.

  • Place the crystal on the location of the chakra; or
  • Wear the crystal as a jewelry; or
  • Swing the crystal in a pendulum motion over the chakra until the pendulum stops swinging

Sounds simple? It’s because it is. Some people tend to overthink and over complicate the healing process, but it’s actually just that simple.

How to cleanse the crystal

Once the healing process is completed, it’s time to clean your crystal. Place the crystal in saltwater for 5 minutes, then rise it with normal water, followed by wiping it with a soft towel. If your crystal is prone to damage by water, you can simply put it in a bowl with sea salt.

It is completely normal for our chakras to slip out of alignment or become blocked - it’s just how life is. But.. this doesn’t mean that we have to simply stay blocked! Healing crystals are a simple and effective ancient method of balancing our chakras. So.. make use of them, align your internal chakra system and set yourself up for manifestation success!

If you're looking for a quick and easy fix to balance ALL seven chakras in 21 minutes, check out our flagship Isoalignment Code program here!

If you're looking for a quick and easy method to balance ALL seven chakras in 21 minutes, check out our flagship Isoalignment Code program here!

Chakra-Blockage-Test-300x600-2 gif
Chakra-Blockage-Test-300x600-2 gif
Chakra-Blockage-Test-300x600-2 gif
Chakra-Blockage-Test-300x600-2 gif
Chakra-Blockage-Test-300x600-2 gif

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